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  • Software Development - Deep Stack Program.™

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Kal Academy placed over 200 women at companies like these:

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • AT&T
  • InConsulting Inc
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

What is Kal Academy?

Kal Academy is an accredited non-profit organization run by a female tech veteran. Our mission is to make it easier for women to build a career in the tech industry and increase diversity which is critical for innovation. We do that by providing women with affordable, accessible, and relevant training and certification, that offers lucrative career growth opportunities.

What past students have said about Kal Academy:


Vania K., Technical Program Manager at Amazon

Kal Academy is Seattle Tech community's best kept secret. This academy puts most coding schools to shame. Classes are conducted in a small group setting at literally a tiny fraction of the cost of the average coding schools. You're getting a Maserati at the price of a Toyota, basically.

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Gaye B., Software Engineer at Microsoft

Kal is very good at explaining what is important and what goes under the hood. As a coding bootcamp grad, I found more value in Kal's classes compared to a bootcamp. The prices are incredibly reasonable because the priority and goal is to help women and minorities to transition to tech careers and not to make money unlike most bootcamps.

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Mary S., Software Engineer at Microsoft

Kal has a true passion and innate natural ability to teach. She is a wizard at making complex concepts easy to understand and her classes are affordable and welcoming. For someone like me who had zero coding experience going in, the emotional challenges were just as tough as the intellectual ones but she was there to support me all the way and now I will be starting my first coding internship at Microsoft in the next two weeks. :D

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Kelly T., Software Engineer at eBay

I wish I could give Kal Academy 6 stars! I had one year of programming experience and basic CS knowledge before I registered for Data Structures and Algorithms course to prepare for technical interviews. At the end of the course, I landed a full-time job at a big tech company. Here's why I think the course was an important factor in my success.

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Emma P., Software Engineer Intern at Redfin

Kal is an exceptional instructor! I signed up for the Data Structures and Algorithms class to prepare for technical interviews, and the knowledge I gained from the class gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. I ended up getting a software engineering internship at a company I really wanted to work for.

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Alex G., Software Engineer Intern at LinkedIn

I don't know where I'd be right now if I hadn't found Kal Academy! I took the Algorithms and Data Structures class to prepare for my tech interview and landed my dream job at LinkedIn!

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Felisa D., Software Engineer at Microsoft

If someone told you about Kal Academy and you came here to check on how legit this place is -- Stop. Sign up for a class. Don't walk, run!!! I checked out many of Seattle's countless coding schools through one day seminars, online offerings and attending an actual coding boot camp and I will let you know that hands down, Kal Academy was my favorite.

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6 Reasons You Should Apply to Kal Academy Today


Small Class Size & Zero Coding Knowledge Required

Small Class

With only 10-20 students per class, classes are customized and tailored to students’ needs, skills and interests. Learn to code faster and gain confidence with personalized attention from the teacher. Skip classes you don’t need or go deeper on a specific topic of your choice.


Zero time off from work required

Zero Time

Unlike coding bootcamps that often require students to quit their jobs to attend full-time, Kal Academy offers flexible part-time classes on weekends, making it easier to complete the program around your schedule. If you need to miss a class, you can make up the lesson online.


Gain Marketable Skills Needed for the 21st Century


Classes are designed to help you develop cutting-edge technical skills that are in high demand. Curriculum is focused on industry trend, such as virtual reality and data science, to help prepare you for current job market demand. Love your job, be creative, and impact lives.


Taught by female, software industry veteran


Classes are taught by Kal Viswanathan, an industry veteran, with a passion for teaching. Kal has an excellent reputation in the tech community and works at Microsoft as a Principal Software Engineering Manager. She has a proven record of placing women in the technology field and she tailors curriculum to skills that companies are looking to hire.


Affordable & Flexible


Kal Academy is an accredited not for profit academy that offers bootcamp training for those that need guided approach as well as one off classes to enhance your skills. Bootcamps are $3750 with intership whereas individual classes are $35 each lesson. Flexible pricing means you pay monthly for one off classes whereas you pay by curriculum for bootcamps.


Nail Your Interview & Get Job Offers


Live coding and technical testing are key components of the interview process for tech roles. In this 12 weeks’ class, you will get to participate in mock interviews with real engineers from top companies and get immediate feedback. You will discover what happens in a technical interview, decode technical interview questions, and practice whiteboarding algorithm and data structures.

Tech industry is fastest growing, highest paying, with most in-demand jobs available today. Help companies solve biggest IT challenges.

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