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Become a Software Developer in 5 months.

Kal Academy classes are taught by Kalpana Viswanathan (Kal), a female, software industry veteran, that currently works at Microsoft.

  • Principal Development Manager with Xbox Live

  • Masters in Computer Science from Michigan

  • 19 years with Microsoft

  • 20+ years experience in the Software Engineering field

  • 20 years of teaching experience - Michigan and Washington

  • Received Distinguished faculty award for excellence in teaching in 2010

Having worked with and hired so many engineers, Kal understands the importance of constant shift in technology. Rather than teaching full stack, she teaches how to pick up new languages by understanding the core concepts and basic structure than the language itself.

Kal is passionate about teaching and students often say her teaching style makes it really easy to understand the algorithms and data structures. Kal breaks down complex math into simple terms and will make you feel like it is so simple after taking her classes.

Kal personally goes on interviews inside and outside of Microsoft to get a feel for the current trends in technology and what employers are looking for. You will feel confident and increase your chances of getting the job you want after taking the Technical Interview Prep Course.

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