Convenient weekend training programs.
No downtime for your team.

Finding high-quality technical training for employees can be a challenge. With Kal Academy, your employees can gain valuable programming skills on weekends, while continuing with their day-jobs.


Among the training modules we offer:

React Web

React Native

Cloud Development

C# Programming

Algorithms and Data Structures



Tech changes fast.
Are your people keeping up?

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We’ll custom-craft a corporate training
solution to get your business up-to-speed


When you invest in your employee’s professional development, your company grows. Kal Academy works with businesses to help them transform performance by developing the technical knowledge and skills of employees. Business moves at the speed of tech, and we’re here to help you and your employees keep up with the newest developments. We’ll keep you ahead of the technology curve so that you can continue to innovate within your industry.

We know that the tech needs of each company are unique, which is why we work with you to develop a program to meet your specific tech stacks. We also understand the challenges of  training your employees while still meeting the day-to-day needs of your company. That’s why we offer flexible weekend courses that don’t infer with the work week.

Classes can be held at our Redmond coding school or at your location. Our top-notch coding classes are built in collaboration with top IT companies, which means our curriculum is aligned to current industry needs. Plus, the training doesn’t stop once your employees leave the coding school classroom — we’ll provide any necessary support you need as you start to utilize the new tools in the workplace. Contact us today and see why businesses are choosing to partner with Kal Academy for all their corporate IT training needs. 


What you get with our
world-class corporate training



Industry experts with 20+ years teaching experience. Our instructors hold high-level jobs in tech, so you can be sure we’re on top of the latest industry trends.


Targeted employee training that bridges the gap between your team’s current skills and what’s needed to leap past your competition.


Once your people are trained, we’re there to provide any necessary support you need going forward. You and your team are never on your own.


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